Hydraulic Unit

Igland hydraulic unit provides optimal speed and power to your tractor implements. 3-point mounted oil tank with integral gear and pump. Versatile features and fit including on firewood processors, trimmers etc.. Up to 85 liters per minute and 220 Bars oil pressure, driven by the tractor’s PTO. Larger capacity and less fuel consumption. The unit […]

Rack for FIBC

FIBC rack for euro pallet. Foldable rack for wood in galvanized steel. Three hinged walls and loose front wall. The short side is lower than the other sides for easier feeding with traditional splitters with wood tray. Then the wood goes directly into the FIBC.

Trolley for 2 logbags 60-80L

Practical trolley for 2 logbags 60/80L(15,8/17,6 gallon). Adjustable height and fixing. The double trolle has wheels to make transportation more practical.

Woodsplint Separator

Woodsplint Separator for FIBC or hanging frame. Was developed for the WP3000, but works well with other products as well.