WR 6 is designed for splitting firewood. WR 6 splits all types of wood, and is only limited by the maximum specified diameter 40 cm and length 42 cm. Logs must be cut in advance. The WR 6 must be provided with suitable power source, such as an agricultural tractor. Logs must be arranged on the rotating table and the oil supply must be activated. One by one, the logs are automatically and securely fed into splitting-chamber. The operation of the machine consists of adding new logs on to the rotating table.

Technical data

Max Force: 90 kN (9 tons) at 205 bar:
Max log diameter and length: 15,6 / 16,8 inches (40 / 42 cm)
Knife: Adjustable, 6 piece
Feeding mechanism: Rotating magazine for 6 pcs. of logs
Measurements (H x W x L): 49 x 53 x 116 inches (125 x 135 x 295 cm)
Transport: By pallet fork (3 point hitch is optional)
Recommended oil flow, min - max: 20-40 liter/min
Recommended oil pressur, min - max: 5,3 – 15,7 gpm (20 – 40 liter/min)
Capacity: Approx. 360 logs pr. hour
Weight: 648 lb (294 kg)

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