Nøsted group merges


Following a thorough analysis and strategy process it has been decided to unite Nøsted Kjetting and its daughter companies, including Igland AS, under one name and organization. About 370 employees will as of December 1st work under the name Nøsted &. Our strong product brands Trygg, Fram and Igland as well as our other products and services will remain.
For you as a customer and partner this will mean increased focus on making it easy to be our customer. Through more dedicated sales and marketing efforts and a strengthened commitment to product development and innovation our ambition is to be a valuable partner with solutions for the future.
The Company will be led from Mandal, Norway. By connecting local and global engineering and production capacity we aim at giving our international customers the smartest, simplest, and most valuable solutions adapted to the challenges you face.
We look forward to the continuation – together as one company, and together with you.

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