Trygg Fram Skog

FRAM Skog is an affordable, rough Chain for forestry machines. FRAM Skog is now built in two router’s Width! The chain is easy to install, and can be adjusted without cutting into the track pattern. FRAM Skog is an extensively tested model – well liked by all!

Trygg Gigant

Trygg Gigant! Forestry chain with extra wide U-spikes, these prevent the links from laying over to the side. Gigant is developed for use on heavier machines. It is delivered in 16mm thickness and with 19mm spikes, 2 route’s width, Norwegian model. The large spikes on the Gigant gives excellent grip and pulling capacity. The pattern is uniform and aggressive with good tire protection.

Trygg SM2D

Trygg SM2D is a forestry chain suitable for thinning work, as the chain is gentle on the surface. The chain has oversized spikes on all links and is very suitable on lighter forestry machines

Trygg U-Grip

TRYGG U-Grip is delivered in 13,16, and 19 mm thickness and is suitable for medium to heavy machines. It is built with three router’s pattern which gives excellent tire protection. U-Grip is easy to install and can be adjusted without cutting in the track pattern.